Our hospital


We have been serving the hair transplantation industry for more than 10 years.

Hair World Turkey, which has been serving in the hair transplantation sector for more than 10 years, has made a significant investment in both its employees and the hospital it serves due to the intense demand and technical needs. For the last 2 years, it has been providing services at its new location with technical equipment made from scratch. By offering all the procedures to its customers in the hospital that belongs to it, most of its competitors stand out in this sector. Hair transplantation sector patients are usually presented clinically by amateur persons in an apartment or in another hospital. However, since its foundation, Hair World Turkey, which is completely patient-oriented, always serves in its own clinic and then in its own hospital.

We are a hospital recognized and recommended in most European countries with our experience in hair transplantation.


As we always say, this is your home.

Our hospital is 5-storey and carefully prepared such as state-of-the-art hair transplantation equipment, comfort areas, cafe ... and we make our valued customers feel at home. From the moment you enter our hospital, our staff in the welcoming area welcomes you and our teammates with whom you are in constant contact will be with you in your entire process. While you are hosting our valued patients in extremely comfortable areas, we can host your friends / relatives who come with you in our other centers in our hospital. With our visionary approach in the field of health as Hair World Turkey, our specialist doctors in their fields such as dental clinic, aesthetics and skin care clinic, and dietitian serve in our hospital, which is established on a 1,500 square meter area. As we always say, this is your home.