Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant

The most natural and permanent way of gaining new hair for the people who experience permanent hair loss is hair transplantation. The first application period of hair transplantation, which started to be applied in Japan in the 1930s for the first time, in the West it was in the 1950s. Hair transplantation is an effective and permanent solution for individuals experiencing 'male pattern baldness', also called androgenetic alopecia. However, hair transplantation is also performed for those who experience hair loss due to various diseases and reasons. Hair transplantation is the transfer of the hair follicles taken from the region where the hair is dense, to the region where the hair loss occurs with a proper operation. Hair transplantation, which is recommended to be done with a rigorous surgeon, must be done by specialist physicians in a fully equipped hospital. Hair transplantation is performed with minimal surgical intervention rather than traditional surgery.

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Hair Transplant Cost

Hair transplantation costs vary depending on many different factors. Generally, public and private health insurances define hair transplantation as a cosmetic need. For this reason, patients have to pay all the cost of hair transplantation themselves. There are many factors that affect the cost of hair transplantation. The first of these factors is the geographic region and country where hair transplantation will be performed. For many having the operation in Turkey is quite cheaper compared to European and Middle East countries. The cheaper labor cost and the purchasing power of the local currency is one of the reasons that make hair transplantation prices affordable. At the same time the opportunity to have the operation, as well as having holiday in Turkey can be regarded as an important advantage. The cost of hair transplantation can also affect the hair transplantation cost with preferred hair transplantation type. The costs of follicular unit transplantation (FUT) and follicular unit extraction (FUE), which are the methods used in hair transplantation, are different from each other. In addition, the quality, popularity and surgeon selection of the clinic chosen for hair transplantation are among the reasons affecting the cost.

Hair Transplant Centers in Turkey

Hair transplant sector in Turkey has very good results and favorable price compared to the world in general. The most important reason to be in the first ranks in the world of hair transplantation in Turkey is experienced surgeons performing the operations and the presence of world-class quality hair transplant centers. Hair transplantation clinics in Istanbul are preferred by patients from many different countries as they offer more affordable hair transplantation treatment than other cities in the world. While most of the hair transplantation centers in Turkey, are in Istanbul, there are also many fully equipped hair transplant center in other large cities. One other reason why Turkey is the choice of the plantation is the care services they provide to patients before and after. In addition, the fact that Istanbul and the whole of Turkeys cultural background and being a popular destination for tourists, patients can have the operation and make a vacation out of it as well.

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Hair Transplantation Methods

After deciding to have hair transplantation, different hair transplantation methods can be used with the guidance of the physician. Hair transplantation is the process of taking healthy hair follicles and transplanting them to the area where the loss is seen. Both the extraction phase and the implantation phase are equally important during the hair loss process. The main difference between FUT and FUE techniques is how the donor hair follicles are removed. There is also a method of hair transplantation called DHI.

In FUT technique, which has been used for hair transplantation since the 90's, hair follicles are taken from the donor area together with the skin after local anesthesia. In the FUT technique, which is a surgical operation cause incision is used, stitching is mandatory in the area where the incision is made. Sutures thrown into the donor area after 1 week should be removed. FUT technique is more affordable than other hair transplantation methods, but leaves scars. For this reason, it is not very preferred.

Although the DHI method is not very different from FUE, it is a more costly and highly demanding hair transplant method compared to the FUE method. In DHI hair transplantation, after the grafts taken with a surgical pen, the thickness of which is between 0.6 mm and 1 mm, are separated and cleaned, the hair follicles are transplanted directly without opening any roots to the scalp. In other hair transplantation methods, hair transplantation, which is done in two different times, is also called as direct hair transplantation since it is done in one time in this method. The biggest advantage of this method is that hair follicles can be transplanted more frequently and a more natural appearance is obtained. In addition, the scalp damage is less than other methods.

The FUE technique, on the other hand, started to be applied after 2002 and has yielded very successful and comfortable results. The biggest difference of the FUE hair transplant method compared to the previous hair transplant method is that the hair follicles in the nape region are collected one by one without creating a linear incision. In the graft collection process made using small punch tips, small incisions are formed around the follicular unit and the hair follicles are collected one by one as invovo and planted in the area where the hair loss occurs. planted. In the hair transplantation process with the FUE method, there is no need for stitches since there is no incision in the donor area and therefore no permanent scar is formed. In addition, different parts of the body can be used as a donor area with this method.

Hair Transplantation Process

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Hair transplantation process is a process that must be followed carefully according to the resulting phase from the decision phase. Choosing the hair transplantation center and your doctor, where you will perform the hair transplantation process together, is the most important point of the process. After choosing the hair transplantation center and your doctor, next comes the hair transplant operation and hairline design that your doctor has planned

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On the day of hair transplantation, the first job is to sterilize the hair transplantation area and apply anesthetics. Then, within the method used, hair follicles are removed from the donor area and recipient wholes are created in the direction of the existing hair. Then, the hair follicles are planted at right angles to the planned area.

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After the hair transplantation, applications related to the region where the transplant is performed and the healing of the wounds on the skin where the transplantation is performed are carried out. In this process, PRP provides easy healing of wounds and nourishes the hair follicles. Precise maintenance is required for both the donor and the transplant area for 15 days after this process.

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Is there any pain in hair transplant?

During the hair transplant operation, no pain is felt with the use of sedation given by the anesthesiologist's direction. Sedation is a controlled sedative drug application that creates sleepiness in the patient and provides the patient to relax and calm down. Consciousness is clear, there may be temporary memory loss. It can be given in different types and amounts according to the needs of the patient. Sedation can be used safely and effectively in young children. Hair transplantation is performed with minimum pain with the use of sedation. However, there is an option not to prefer sedation.


Celebrities who have had hair transplant

Today, both successful businessmen and famous names regain their old hair with the method of hair transplantation. These names, which are constantly visible on television and social media, make their image stronger by having hair transplantation. Hollywood male stars with hair transplantation include Chris Martin, Matthew McConaughey, Mel Gibson, David Beckham, John Krasinski and Jimmy Kimmel. Successful entrepreneurs and businessmen like Elon Musk are also among the names that refresh their appearance with hair transplantation.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Does hair transplantation take really that short of a time ?

    Yes you can return to your country in only 2 days. You can choose to spend your weekend holiday this way.

  • I am afraid of needles. What can you do for this ?

    If your fear is small we can use needless anesthesia (COMFORT-IN). With this device you will have the operation without any needles. If your fear is huge, we can do sedation so that you will be asleep during the operation.

  • How far is Istanbul from England ?

    Did you know that with a direct flight from England, you can reach Istanbul in only 3.5 hours? It’s similar to going to Devon from London but the final destination will be Istanbul.

  • Why istanbul ?

    Turkey has become the medical capital of Europe with the doctor quality and the investment made in the Medical field. You can get the best quality of service for one third of a price in Istanbul.

  • How can I trust you?

    All our operations are done under doctor supervision. Professionals speaking your own language and not call center workers helping you 24/7. Your own foreign patient specialist and our doctor keeps track of the recovery period for the whole year

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