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What is
Female Hair Transplant?

Women of all ages can experience hair loss or thinning. This can be distressing and seriously affect self-confidence. The good news is that a number of female hair transplant options exist. These are aimed at restoring healthy, shiny locks, as well as boosting the feelings of self-esteem that come with being proud of your hair and ready to take on the world. At Hair World Turkey, our state-of-the-art clinic in Istanbul offers female hair transplant surgery that produces excellent results with minimal discomfort or fuss. Our female hair transplant service is discreet, competitively priced and carried out by our own, expert surgical team.

How Much Do
Female Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey?

As with any elective procedure, female hair transplant costs in Turkey will depend on ethe severity of the case and the size of the area being treated. There may also be other costs to factor in too. These could include travel to and from the clinic, flights and hotel accommodation for you and anyone who accompanies you. Using an online female hair transplant costs calculator will give you a better idea of what you will need to pay. You can also speak to the clinic for an estimated run-down of costs, as well as advice on any financing options they may have available.

How Is Female Hair Transplant Performed?

Female hair transplants take place under local anaesthetic in surgical conditions for optimum safety and hygiene. Hair is taken from a healthy donor site on the patient’s body and transplanted into the affected area. The procedure is usually carried out on the scalp for women to reverse the effects of thinning hair or total loss. The newly hair is implanted carefully to enable the finished results to look as natural as possible. After a few days, these hairs fall out. The newly stimulated follicles then produce new, permanent hair in its place to complete the female hair transplant process. Subject to strict adherence to the after-care instructions, the final results will be completed after one year to 18 months.

Female Hair Transplant in TurkeyBefore and Afters

Are you interested in female hair transplant surgery, but don’t know what the results could achieve? We can show you a range of hair transplant Turkey before and after photographs and put you in touch with former patients who have been delighted with their results. It is hard to visualise what your head and face will look like after hair transplant surgery, so we hope that these methods of contacting people and viewing images will help you make your decision about whether to opt for your own hair transplant surgery in Turkey. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions.
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FUE Hair Transplant Experience with HWT Clinic

If you want to do hair transplant, come here like this is the top place to come do your work as you can see they did an amazing job. 'Shamel K.' from New York.

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Female Hair Transplant Methods

FUE Technique
FUE Hair Transplant surgery in Turkey involves taking individual hairs form a healthy donor area of the body and transplanting them, one by one, into the target area. This is a painstaking, but highly effective way of ensuring the transplanted hair looks natural and covers all the required areas. Each hair can be placed at exactly the right angle too, to encourage healthy stimulation of the hair follicles beneath the skin. FUE hair transplant can be done under local anaesthetic for minimum discomfort. It is a common procedure that has produced excellent results for men of all ages and from all ethic backgrounds.

FUT Technique
The FUT Hair Transplant technique starts by identifying an area on the body where healthy hair is still growing. This can often be the nape of the neck of somewhere on the back or sides of the scalp. A strip of skin containing multiple hair follicles is then extracted under local anaesthetic. This is implanted into the hair area, placed so that results look natural and have the best chances of success. After a short while, the implanted hairs will fall out – this is entirely normal. This stage is followed by newly stimulated hair follicles producing hair that will go on to form the patient’s permanent hair. Full after-care instructions will be provided and the patient invited back for follow-up appointment to check on recovery and progress.

DHI Technique
A DHI Hair Transplant works by extracting individual hairs from a healthy donor area, in a similar way to the FUE hair transplant technique. The hairs are placed, one by one, into a special tool. This is used to carefully position each one in the right place on the chin, neck or face. This method ensures extremely precise results, which look natural and give the best possible chance for hair transplant success. It is carried out under local anaesthetic in full surgical conditions. This helps to minimise discomfort and encourage a quick and straightforward recovery. DHI hair transplant surgery is normally done over one or two sessions, depending on the severity of the problem and area being treated.





Recovery After Female Hair Transplant

The days and weeks following a female hair transplant are a critical time for a person’s recovery. Care must be taken not to jolt or damage the implanted hairs, as well as to avoid exposure to direct sunlight, which could burn the healing skin. Do not wash your scalp for a couple of days or try to style your hair. Avoid harsh hair products when you are able to wash it, opting instead for a mild shampoo designed for the purpose. As the months progress, you should see signs of hair regrowth increasing. However, you should still take extra care of the treated areas, for up to a year to ensure the best possible results.

After Care

Hair Transplant After Care

First Months
The first few months will be the most important in terms of recovery. When you start to wash your hair after a few days, keep your scalp free from harsh hair products such as dyes, perming fluids or bleach. Use a mild shampoo and then pat it dry with a towel or leave to dry naturally rather than using a hair dryer or styling wand. If you experience prolonged redness, swelling, irritation or infection, seek help for your surgeon or other medical professional straight away. You will see the implanted hairs shedding after a few weeks – this is totally normal and an essential part of the process.
After 1 Year
New female hair transplant regrowth can continue to appear up to and beyond a year. In some cases, this stage can last for up to 18 months. Take very good care of your new locks for the year following the female hair transplant. Avoid over-styling it or touching it too frequently. Wear a hat when going out in direct sunlight and follow all after-care instructions given to you by the clinic. This includes attending all follow-up appointments. If you are worried about any aspects of your recovery, consult the clinic and we will be happy to offer our support.
How to Wash Your Hair After Female Transplant
Don’t wash your hair at all in the first few days following your surgery. When you do resume your personal grooming routine, wash in warm water only at first to avoid pulling any of the implanted hairs out. Pat your hair gently with a towel to dry it and avoid combing or brushing too much at first. After a couple of weeks, you can move on to using a mild shampoo. We can recommend suitable hair products, or you can ask your hairdresser for their advice. Avoid using a hair dryer, or at least use it on the lowest setting, again to prevent damage or burning of the newly implanted hairs. The same goes for dyes, beaches or other harsh styling products – avoid these during the recovery stages for the best results possible.
Advantages of Female Hair Transplant
For many women, having a full, healthy head of hair is a large part of their identity. It gives women self-confidence and self-esteem, which thinning patches or hair loss can seriously affect. Hair loss can be particularly noticeable in women if it occurs around the hair parting and across the top of the head. Being able to implant hair from a healthy donor site in a straight forward, pain free procedure is a great way to stimulate new hair growth and restore thinning areas on the scalp. The procedure can be performed in just one or two sessions with no need to stay overnight. Recovery is also relatively quick, so long as the after-care instructions provided by the clinic are followed carefully.
Eligibility for Female Hair Transplant in Turkey
Hair transplant surgery can be a great option for a wide range of people. It can suit men and women seeking to restore hair in one or more parts of the body. However, there are some factors that can affect whether or not the procedure is appropriate for your own set of individual circumstances. To find out whether you are eligible for hair transplant surgery in Turkey, it is wise to consult an expert surgeon and seek their advice. You can usually find someone willing to offer you a no-obligation, initial consultation. During this time, you can discuss your options and desired results and the expert will talk you through the expected results, plus any pros, cons and particular issues to be aware of.

Who Is a Good Candidate For Female Hair Transplant?

Women who have experienced hair thinning or loss are generally the best candidates for female hair transplant surgery in Turkey. Women should be in their mid-twenties at least. This is because the body is still changing and developing during and just after puberty. By waiting until full adulthood has been reached, women can have a far better chance of a successful hair transplant operation. Women who have experienced hair loss after a traumatic event or illness can also be good candidates; However, it is very important to check with your doctor if you are living with a medical condition to make sure that the surgery is compatible with your general state of health.

Who Is Not a Good Candidate for Female Hair Transplant?

Teenage and younger girls are not generally considered to be good candidates for a female hair transplant as they are still developing and undergoing puberty. Some medical conditions are not conducive to the procedure either. Check with your doctor and hair transplant clinic to make sure that you are suitable to have the operation. Women who are unable or unwilling to follow the after-care regime, or to cope the procedure done under local anaesthetic may also not be suitable candidates. It is worth calling the clinic in advance to discuss any issues or concerns you may have before proceeding with the surgery if you have any doubts.

Best Female Hair Transplant in Istanbul

Hair World Turkey is considered by many to be the best female hair transplant clinic in Istanbul. Located in the centre of town in bespoke, beautifully appointed premises, the surgical team is professional, caring and diligent in performing vital hair transplant procedures. A range of the latest hair transplant techniques are used, operating under local anaesthetic to minimise discomfort and speed recovery. For a caring, discreet and safe experience, contact Hair World Turkey today.
Top-Notch Full-Fledged Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey
Experience the very best in female hair transplant care at Hair World Turkey. Our experience team will support you at every stage, from your initial consultation right through to after-care and follow-up appointments after your surgery. We will answer any questions you may have and guide you through the information you need to make an informed choice about your female hair transplant in Turkey.

Start Your Hair Transplant Journey

Are you thinking about the benefits of undergoing female hair transplant surgery in Turkey? Perhaps you are concerned about male pattern baldness or are interested in finding out more about women’s hair transplants or the best place for a female hair transplant in Turkey. We offer a full assessment by our hair transplant surgeons to assess the best way forward. This ensures a fully personalised approach to secure the best possible results for your hair. Begin your journey today by getting in touch with our friendly team. We can talk you through your options and discuss costs, timings and what to expect.

Listen to Female Hair Transplant in Turkey Experience From Our Patients

We hope that you have been impressed by what you have read so far about our services at Hair World Turkey. However, don’t just take our word for it. We have had the pleasure of helping many patients increase their self-confidence and undergo hair transplant surgery over the years.
Many people have left our clinic delighted with their hair restoration results and we have received dozens of satisfied hair transplant Turkey reviews. If you would like to find out what some of our satisfied former patients have to say about their experiences with us, take a listen to their testimonials.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Of course it is successful. It is no different from Men's Hair Transplantation. In fact, contrary to what is known, many women come for Hair Transplant in Turkey.
Female Hair Transplant takes an average of 6-8 hours, depending on the number of roots transplanted and the quality of the team. Afterwards, the whole process is completed in an average of 15 months.
The cost of a Female Hair Transplant in Turkey can range from $3,500 to $7,500, including accommodation and transportation costs, depending on the type of surgery required, the clinic chosen, and the surgeon assigned.
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