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We have been performing hair loss treatments for more than 10 years with our hair transplant surgery specialists. Our hospital is recognized as one of the best in Istanbul and recommended in most European countries due to our experience in hair transplantation. Since our foundation, we have been providing our advanced technology hair transplantation methods to our customers from all over Europe in particular and the World in general with low costs. We are very confident to state that our patients leave with 100% customer satisfaction as a result of our excellent treatment methods. We believe this because after our patients return to their countries, they share their experiences and the quality of the service they receive with others, and most of our new patients come to us via their reference.

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3 Day Program

After your flight we pick you up with our VIP cars from the airport and transfer you to our 5 Star hotel with a view of Prince Islands.

After a great breakfast we pick you up and bring you to our hospital. We start the process, complete the blood test and begin the operation.

On your last day we pick you up for the first washing and control of your new hair. You will be ready to go back home after this final step.


The whole Hair Transplant process with HWT Clinic

The whole Hair Transplant process with HWT Clinic

HWT Clinic - Emmanuel Pasqualini

Comments of Steven Roberts about Hair Transplant with HWT Clinic

Even he did’t expect this result after hair transplant with HWT Clinic

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Manchester City has announced a new multi-year partnership with HWT Clinic to become the Club’s Official Hair Clinic Partner in Europe.

HWT Clinic is one of the most established clinics of its kind in Turkey with nearly ten years’ experience across a rapidly growing hair transplant industry that is set to be worth $30 billion globally by 2025. HWT Clinic offers the latest technologies in its own state of the art hospital in Istanbul where it welcomes customers from across Europe.

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We have answers

  • How can I trust you?

    All of our operations are performed under doctor supervision. Professionals speaking your own language will help you 24/7, not call center workers. Our representatives and our doctors specifically assigned to you will keep track of your progress for 1 year.

  • Why istanbul ?

    Turkey has become the medical capital of Europe with its doctor quality and the investments made in the Medical field. In Istanbul, you can get the best quality of service for one third of the cost.

  • How far is Istanbul from England ?

    You can reach Istanbul in only 3.5 hours with a direct flight from England. It takes almost as long as to get to Devon from London, but the final destination will be Istanbul instead.

  • I am afraid of needles. What can you do for this ?

    If your phobia is not extreme, we can use needleless anesthesia (COMFORT-IN). You will have the operation without any needles with this device. If your phobia is extreme, we provide sedation so that you will be asleep during the operation.

  • Does hair transplantation take really that short of a time ?

    Yes, you can return to your country in only 2 days. You can choose to spend your weekend holiday this way.

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