How Much is a Hair Transplant Costs in Turkey in 2023?

Who wouldn’t want to renew their image in the mirror, return to their young and attractive state by having Hair Transplant in Turkey ? Of course, experiencing the most affordable hair transplant treatment and experienced clinics while asking for your hair back. According to some statistics , by 2025, the hair transplant market will reach the $40 billion mark. Having a hair transplant in Turkey ? increases its popularity every year.
The question on the minds of most people with hair loss is hair transplant cost in Istanbul Turkey. It should be noted that hair transplant cost packages in Turkey depends on the type of treatment desired by the person. Every year, around 60,000 tourists visit some of the best hair transplant clinics and surgeons in Turkey to regain their lost hair. In this article, you can read what you need to know about the cost of hair transplant in Turkey.

Hair Transplant Cost Per Graft;

If you are going to have a hair transplant outside your country, the cost issue becomes much more important. Especially with the increasing inflation during the pandemic and afterwards, the costs of hair transplantation became much more important. Of course, this does not mean that the cheapest hair transplant will give you good results. For this reason, choosing a doctor, clinic and other issues are also important when comparing prices in hair transplantation. Be sure to check out this chart, in which we compare the hair transplant costs of hair transplant clinics around the world;
Average cost of FUE hair transplant in first-class clinics and surgeons (from cheapest to most expensive);

• Hair transplant in Turkey costs about $1.07 per graft.
• About $1.28 per graft in Mexico.
• About $1.34 per graft in India.
• About $1.47 per graft in Hungary.
• About $2.30 per graft in Thailand.
• About $2.35 per graft in Malaysia.
• About $2.74 per graft in Poland.
• About $2.85 per graft in Spain.
• About $2.93 per graft in Germany.
• About $3.22 per graft in the UK.
• About $3.85 per graft in South Korea.
• About $5 per graft in Singapore.
• About $5.44 per graft in the US.
• About $5.5 per graft in Australia.
• About $7 per graft in Canada.

If we compare with the total cost of hair transplant, Turkey, Mexico, India and Hungary seem to be the cheapest countries for hair transplant in the world.
On the other hand, we can say that Canada, Australia, USA and England are the most expensive countries for hair transplantation. They are 5-7 times more expensive than Turkey, Mexico, India.
You should also factor in features such as the experience of clinics and surgeons, post-operative care, accommodation, airport + hotel + clinic transfers, language assistance, cost of living and obtaining a visa to this cost.

High Quality

Hair Transplant Costs in Turkey: Affordable and High Quality in Every Aspect

Although the cost of hair transplantation packages in Turkey is very affordable, it does not mean that the quality is low. One of the most important reasons why hair transplant cost is affordable in Istanbul Turkey is the balance between the Turkish currency and GBP, EURO and USD. Currencies such as GBP, EURO and USD have higher purchasing power in Turkey. In addition, the number of Turkish surgeons working in the field of both aesthetics and hair transplantation has increased rapidly in the last 20 years. This increased competition and lowered costs.

Successful hair transplant surgeons, whose numbers are increasing rapidly, have managed to become famous for their long years of experience, skills and expertise. Hair transplant clinics in Turkey never put aside investing in the latest technology. Turkish doctors, on the other hand, like to attend international medical conferences in order to stay up to date and be more extremist.

Another reason why hair transplant cost in Turkey is low is that in our country. Instead of importing a wide variety of goods and products, domestic production is supported. This often means zero shipping, logistics and customs costs.Because rent and labor are not expensive in Turkey, a team of experienced surgeons offers the best results and a top-notch operation at more affordable prices.

At the same time, tourism and hotel management services in Turkey are highly developed. Most clinics can offer 5-star hotel accommodations, personal translators, or even a very useful gift bag for very affordable prices.

The issues affecting the cost of hair transplantation are briefly as follows; Each patient has a unique treatment plan based on hair loss, hair texture, type of scalp tissue, age, donor area availability, and hairline preferences. All these variables determine which hair transplant method (FUE or DHI) is most effective for the patient.

The cost of hair transplantation in Turkey depends on a number of different variables:

• Labor cost in Turkey
• Experience of the healthcare team
• The technology used
• After-care services
• Guaranteed success rate
• The number of follicles required to cover the balding parts
• Incentives provided by the country government

How Much ?

How Much Does 5000 Grafts Cost in Turkey ?

The cost of hair transplantation packages in Turkey depends on variables such as the number of grafts you need and the type of technique and technology used. The cost of a hair transplant in Turkey can range from $3,500 to $7,500, including accommodation and transportation costs, depending on the type of surgery required, the clinic chosen, and the surgeon assigned. In other parts of the world such as Dubai, Canada, London, the cost for the FUE hair transplant method can be as high as $12,000 to $30,000. Depending on your needs and wishes, your surgeon will examine your scalp and decide how many sessions you need. Approximately 3000,5000 grafts are transplanted in 1 session.

Why Should You Have a Hair Transplant in Turkey?


Clinics at International Standards

Turkey has been running from success to success in hair transplantation in recent years and does not lose its popularity to any country. Do you know why you should have a hair transplant in Turkey? Turkey offers many varieties for those who want to have their hair transplant done in fully equipped clinics. These clinics in international standards are equipped with the latest technological equipment for successful operations. In addition, the best hair transplant clinics in Turkey and Istanbul strictly implement some procedures and regulations in order to both increase the success rate and minimize the risks. Unlike European countries or the United States, you don't have to wait for months as there are many quality and JCI accredited clinics to meet demand.

Qualified and Experienced Hair Transplant Surgeons

The biggest key to successful hair transplants is experienced hair transplant surgeons. Turkey is very lucky in terms of experienced and talented hair transplant surgeons. With experienced and expert surgeons and health personnel, hair transplantation operation results are both more satisfactory and procedure complications are reduced.

Quality Service,Reasonable Price List!

The cost of hair transplantation in Turkey is quite low compared to many cities in Europe and America. Having a hair transplant in Turkey, which offers a quality service as well as a low cost, becomes very advantageous. With a successful and high quality service for many regions of the world, the most appropriate way to have a hair transplant is in our country.

It is possible to get enough of History,Nature and Culture!

Turkey attracts tourists both because it is surrounded by seas on 3 sides and with its wide variety of vegetation and nature. It is possible to find traces of thousands of years of history and cultures and to witness ancient times. It will be enjoyable both to have a hair transplant and to take a vacation and cultural tour.

How Much Does 2000/3000/4000/5000 Grafts Cost in Turkey ?

We know that you are looking for a price based on the number of roots. (How much is 2000/3000/4000/5000 root?) First of all, you should know that pricing is not like this in Turkey.

Also, let's explain the difference between the number of roots and hair strands. Hair follicles are extracted in groups of one, two, three and four, these groups are called grafts. In short, the ratio of multiple grafts is important, not the number of grafts.

For example, the result of a patient with a high rate of 3 hairs in an operation in which 3000 roots are taken would be different from the result of a patient with a higher rate of 1 hair from the 3000 roots. Triple roots would give higher density.

We can think that the hair density will be higher when the multi-graft ratio is high. Prices are determined as sessions. We have stated the average figures of the session fee. More information about the sessions are as follows; we take the maximum number of grafts we can get for 1 session.

What we mean is to take the roots with a homogeneous distribution so there is no damage to the donor area. You don't want to spoil one side while you're trying to fix the other. Please do not respect those who say they are getting 7000,8000 roots. There is no problem in getting it, but if they disrupt the blood flow in the donor area (which is most likely so), the consequences can be very bad. That's why we take the maximum number of roots we can get in a single session by paying attention to this.

This is usually determined according to the needs of the patient, but we try not to exceed 4500 roots in general. In short, you need a second session for transactions with more than 4500 roots. The 2nd session is also charged as the 1st session. When you examine the picture below and if your donor area is suitable for this, you will need 2 sessions for your A+B+C area opening. You can have the second session done 10-12 months after the first operation. In this way, with a more accurate planning, you will have the operation process without damaging your donor area.


How to Choose the Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey?

Turkey has many clinics that provide quality service to people who want to have a hair transplant. The easiest way to decide which clinic is right for you is to consider the answers to the following questions;
• Learn about the medical structure and establishment date of the clinic.
• What are the qualifications and experience of the surgeon who will perform the hair transplant?
• What types of care do patients receive in the clinic after hair transplantation?
• What is the full cost of the procedure to be charged by the clinic?
• What are the accommodation, transfer and transportation details?

Hair Transplant Techniques in Turkey

Hair transplantation planning is determined by looking at the needs of the person and the condition of the scalp. Today, there are many different hair transplantation techniques for personalized hair transplantation treatment. Hair transplantation prices list may also vary depending on which technique will be applied. These are as follows;

FUT(Follicular Unit Transplantation) Technique
FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) Technique
DHI (Direct Hair Transplantation) Technique
Unshaven FUE Technique

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Is It Safe To Travel To Turkey For Hair Transplant?

It is quite safe to go to Turkey for a hair transplant. Istanbul, one of the first cities that come to mind when it comes to hair transplantation, is a city where millions of tourists stay every year in terms of both health and tourism. Turkey is safely preferred not only for hair transplantation, but also for many health operations such as heart, plastic surgery, oncology, organ transplantation and orthopedics.

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Frequently Asked Questions
The cost of hair transplantation in Turkey depends on variables such as the number of grafts you need and the type of technique and technology used. The cost of a hair transplant in Turkey can range from $3,500 to $7,500, including accommodation and transportation costs, depending on the type of surgery required, the clinic chosen, and the surgeon assigned. In other parts of the world such as Dubai, Canada, London, the cost for the FUE hair transplant method can be as high as $12,000 to $30,000. Depending on your needs and wishes, your surgeon will examine your scalp and decide how many sessions you need. Approximately 3000,4500 grafts are transplanted in 1 session.
The cost of a hair transplant is highly variable, ranging between 4.500£ - 10.000£ in general, which also depends on many factors, the type of procedure you choose, the skill of your surgeon and finally how much hair you want transplanted. As most insurance companies consider a hair transplant a cosmetic procedure, these costs are often paid all out of pocket of the patient.
In Turkey, there is a very large number of experienced doctors specialized in hair transplant. This huge number of hair transplant doctors have a high competition in the hair transplanting sector, which keeps the prices of hair transplant very affordable in recent years. Turkey's geographical location provides a great advantage, with direct flights from most European and Asian countries. This can save the cost of a flight ticket by 50% compared to most other destinations, which makes the trip to Turkey quite cheaper. In Turkey, luxurious hotels rates are very affordable all year long and finding suitable accommodation is far more easier compared to many other countries, as Turkey is a tourism focused country. In addition, most clinics in Turkey have some sort of All-Inclusive Packages, which will include the transportation, medication and accommodation costs in addition to the surgical cost. The primary reason for all these factors to be so affordable is the favorable rate of exchange of the local currency compared to foreign currencies. Usually, this means that an operation in Turkey will be at least one half as expensive as compared to most countries, and even eighty percent lower compared to other countries where such operations can be prohibitively expensive due to the over inflation of health services there.

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