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3 March 2021
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Whether you prefer huge, bushy beards or subtle, slimline goatees, the choice of how to wear your facial hair is an important one, with lots of different styles, colours and shapes to choose from. How you wear your beard can change your whole appearance, adding maturity or gravitas with one style, or youthful energy with another. Beard transplant is also an option to make your beard thicker. Turkey hair transplant cost and beard transplant cost is affordable. Luckily, HWT Clinic is experts in Beard Transplant to give you the style you desire.

If you are unsure how to style your beard, or what shape or colour would suit you best, why not take your inspiration from the world of celebrity style? Many famous men with beards are almost as well known for their facial hair as they are for their achievements in their chosen field. Here, we take a look at some of the most famous beards around, with our list of bearded actors, sportsmen sporting impressive facial hair and a few slightly off-beat contenders at the very end. So, if enjoying pictures of celebrity beards is your thing, you’re in for a real treat!


Actors With Beards

From silver screen to theatres around the world, these fine thespians have made their mark as celebrities with beards who are well worth paying attention to.


Jason Momoa

Hawaiian heartthrob and Aquaman actor, Jason Momoa is well known for his sun-kissed locks and weighted beard that stays short on top, but flows expansively down his chin to add a two-toned effect. Momoa has tried different hair and beard styles over the years, and his balanced features and strong jawline can take beards of almost any length – and none. The secret of his style is to wear a beard that looks casually long and natural, but is, in actuality carefully groomed and impeccably cut and cleaned.


Brad Pitt

Brad has delighted his fans for years with his changing looks, from long, blonde surfer locks to more no-nonsense crew cuts and shorter hairstyles. His entry on our list of famous men with beards is secured due to his changing beard styles too. The A-list actor and film producer has experimented with both longer and shorter beards over the years, often opting for a goatee to emphasise his strong chin and keep his look neat, tidy and under control.


Chris Hemsworth

We all recognise Chris Hemsworth’s blonde, flowing locks from when he played the Norse god Thor in the popular Marvel franchise, but his real-life look is far less whimsical. The Australian-born actor is often seen in public with shorter hair, closely cropped and balanced with his neat, standard length beard and moustache combo underneath. Hemsworth’s beard adds maturity and masculinity to his look, both sought-after attributes for many celebrities with facial hair.


Hugh Jackman

Shout-out to this bearded celebrity for his impressive ability to pull of mutton chops when playing tormented X-man, Wolverine. Jackman is well regarded for his versatility, seemingly as much at home playing the lead role in an action film as he is pulling on his dancing shoes for a spot of musical theatre. This versatility reflects on his ever-changing beard styles and demonstrates how there is no need to stick to one look to remain looking hot.


Idris Elba

Once highly favoured amongst bookies for playing the iconic spy role of James Bond, Idris Elba is a walking masterclass in suavity and a perfectly groomed look. He sports a carefully shaped goatee with flecks of grey that add to his maturity, which he teams with a crew cut or buzz cut for a neat, classy look. When he does change it up, it’s clear that he has taken a lot of time and effort to get the switch just right.


Sports Celebrities With Beards

While the jury is out around how much difference a beard makes as opposed to a clean shaven face when it comes to performance on the pitch, field or court, there’s no question that many of our leading sportsmen have enjoyed international acclaim while presenting the world with some pretty snazzy beards and moustaches.


David Beckham

Arguably the most recognised footballer in the world, David Beckham has also embraced the world of fashion and modelling to become one of the most famous guys with beards in the world as well. Many of his fashion and grooming choices have made headline news (how about that sarong?), but his beard has been a constant part of his enviably good looks and instantly recognisable style. Take a lesson from this style icon and when you find something that works well for you, stick with it.


LeBron James

Los Angeles Lakers star, LeBron James made the news during the pandemic lockdowns last year when he was seen in public with ‘salt and pepper’ grey hairs adorning his signature bushy beard. His lack of concern over letting nature take its course with his hair during the Covid-19 restrictions was enthusiastically received by his fanbase and teaches us all the lesson that sometimes, Mother Nature knows best.


James Harden

NBA player, James Harden is another US athlete known as much for his trademark bushy beard as he is for his skills on the court. He speaks regularly about his facial grooming and fashion choices, enjoying the attention his beard gets and even giving advice to his young fans hoping to emulate his look. To achieve the same levels of bushiness, you will needs to grow your goatee beard at least five inches long and keep your moustache carefully trimmed to offset the wilder hair underneath.


Lionel Messi

Barcelona superstar, Messi belies his surname, as his look suggests that he actually spends longer than we might think on his facial grooming and hair. He has long sported a ginger beard that is carefully shaped and cut to flatter his long chin and strong facial features. Coupled with his swept back hair, the look shouts masculinity and action – the perfect combination for winning on the football pitch time and time again.

W.G. Grace

OK, this last celebrity sportsman may not have been in the public eye for a while, as he died almost a century ago in 1915. His image is iconic, thanks to his superbly full beard and bushy moustache covering his mouth and making him a stand-out sight on the cricket pitch. Born in Yorkshire, England, the cricketer was born long before the modern worshiping of celebrity culture, but her certainly knew how to draw the eye with his striking beard and excellent record on the crease.


Bonus beards

Finally, here are three more famous guys with beards to offer some final celebrity facial hair inspiration for all you beard enthusiasts out there.


Prince Harry

The British prince has never shied away from publicity, courting controversy and admiration in equal measure everywhere he goes. Harry‘s ginger beard makes him stand out from the crowd and gives him a distinctive, practical look that he doubtless honed during his time in the army. Prince Harry is living proof that redheads can have lots of fun styling their hair and that ginger facial hair can work really well when properly groomed and styled to suit the face in question.


Abraham Lincoln

The ill-fated US President was apparently the first ever gentleman to take that office with a full beard. It was popular amongst the electorate and the style, known as a Shenandoah added to his gravitas and air of authority. Lincoln wore his beard long over his chin, meeting up with sideburns down the sides of his face with the hair above his mouth shaved. Adding his famous top hat only added to the Presidential effect.


Santa Claus

Finally, what list of famous bearded men would be complete without everyone’s favourite saint, Santa Claus. Father Christmas, Père Noël, Kris Kringle – whatever you call him in your family, the jolly spreader of festive cheer is famous for his bushy, white beard, showing that age doesn’t have to be a barrier when it comes to growing a beard. Plus, we expect his long whiskers keep him warmer around the face when he is out and about, delivering gall those presents on Christmas Eve!

Frequently Asked Questions
As a result of the researches, it is revealed that bearded men are perceived as more masculine, have a stronger impression of social status and look more mature.
The answer is yes. As a result of the researches, women stated that they like a bearded face more than a clean face and it seems more masculine to them, so it is more attractive to them.
The beard has multiple benefits. Beard helps people with asthma and reduces allergies. It protects your face against the outside world and acts as a moisturizer. It makes men feel more self-confident and has a positive effect on sexual life. You won't waste time shaving, it saves you time.

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