9 best proven hair loss tretments for men
Dr. Sedat Öz
Written by Dr. Sedat Öz
7 October 2020
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Hair loss can be a demoralizing condition, which was believed to be irreversible in the ages past. Men who had their hair thinning or balding have almost always looked for a solution to their predicament. And of course, some people consider hair loss an inevitable fact of life, as especially male pattern baldness is widely known as a genetic trait that must happen as people age.In the modern age, science has progressed a lot in the battle against hair loss. These days there are numerous treatment options for hair loss with varying efficiency levels. Until the day hair regrowth becomes feasible by our advances in medical technology, these treatments are among the best options against hair loss. The treatment options include scientific medicine formulas, natural remedies, medical procedures and lifestyle changes. And each option yields different tangible results, usually showing a difference in efficiency from individual to individual. The best approach would be getting informed about each and figuring out which option is the best for one’s self, preferably with assistance from a medical expert.

In hair loss treatment, one should always make note that patience is the key. Almost any modern treatment technique, no matter how successful, will provide results slowly. Months, and even one year or two years may pass before the hair loss treatment shows its full efficiency.

Hair Treatments For Men

The men’s hair loss treatment industry is truly large. The promise of instant hair regrowth is almost dubious though, so it should be considered as a scam and avoided. Instead, there are some proven hair loss treatment techniques which will not waste one’s time and money. As always, any medical treatment or medical procedure should always be started after a consultation with a medical expert or doctor.

1. Hair Transplants

Hair transplants are not hair growth treatments themselves. They do not grow new hair, but instead will harvest hair follicles from where they are numerous, like the back of the neck, and implant these follicles into locations on the scalp where they are needed. This is a surgical procedure, and a costly procedure. Its results are permanent in most cases and can be seen relatively quickly, after the follicles start their growth cycle again. There are a few methods for hair transplantation, but two of the most popular ones are known as follicular unit transplantation and follicular unit extraction, in short FUT and FUE. It is very important to consult a specialist doctor and a quality clinic before deciding on Turkey hair transplant surgery and which technique to apply. Before deciding on hair transplant surgery, hair transplant clinics and specialists in Turkey should be researched. In the realm of hair transplantation, Turkey has emerged as a sought-after destination, renowned not only for its skilled surgeons but also for the affordability it offers in hair transplant procedures. The Turkey hair transplant cost stands out as a compelling factor, attracting individuals globally seeking effective solutions for hair loss. Turkish clinics, equipped with advanced technology and experienced professionals, provide a cost-effective alternative without compromising on quality. Potential patients can explore various options based on their needs, considering factors such as the number of grafts, the chosen technique, and the reputation of the clinic.

During follicular unit transplantation procedure thin strips of skin are removed from the back of the neck, and the follicles are removed from the skin and surgically implanted into the balding areas. The more modern follicular unit extraction method passes the skin removal, instead removes the follicles directly, and plants them to the balding spot immediately. This technique is widely believed to leave less scarring in both the donor and implant areas.

2. Medication Therapies

A medication called minoxidil is believed to have preventive measures against hair loss. It can be usually acquired without a prescription in liquid or foam form. Unless the doctor recommending this suggests otherwise, it should be applied twice per day, and the treatment should not be stopped once started, as stopping may reverse any gains.

A prescription pill named finasteride can also help slow and treat male pattern baldness and enlarged prostates by suppressing the androgen DHT hormone. As this pill can have some serious side effects, it should only be obtained through a doctor’s prescription who should be aware of any other medical conditions you have. Unless the doctor suggests otherwise, normal dosage is once per day, and again, it should be used as long as the doctor recommends it.

These drugs can show their effects within a year, so one should be ready for an extended treatment period.

3. Identifying the Reasons

Multiple factors, such as underlying health conditions, along with certain medications can easily cause hair loss for individuals. Diabetes, eating disorders, iron deficiency, scalp psoriasis and hormonal imbalances due to thyroid conditions are a few examples of the conditions that have been associated with hair loss. One should always visit their doctor for a check up to see if the hair loss originates from a medical condition that can be treated.

4. Hair Care

In some cases, hair loss can be a direct result of improper hair care. As such, it is suggested that any type of activity that can damage follicles should be avoided, including but not limited to braiding the hair, straightening the hair, using harmful chemicals such as some types of dyes, using hot oil treatments at very high temperatures.

5. Laser Treatment

During laser treatment, red light and laser on a specific wavelength is used to reduce the type of follicle inflammation that inhibits regrowth. It is usually recommended to utilize medical treatment to support laser treatment for best results. This is a relatively new technique, but already very expensive caps which provide low-level laser therapy straight to the scalp have been produced to be used with this technique.

6. Lifestyle Changes

Not taking proper care of one’s own body can also cause hair loss. It has been long proven that various factors such as unhealthy diet habits, stress, and smoking can easily lead to hair loss. A light exercise regiment, selecting healthy foods, and stopping smoking can be the fastest way to stop, or even reverse hair loss in some cases.

7. Other Medicines

Sometimes, medical therapies for other conditions, such as chemotherapy, can cause hair loss as an important side effect. One should always consult a doctor before starting any new medical therapy to be informed of any particular side effects, and learn if there is an alternate and more safe medication that can be used instead, if that is the case. One should also not stop taking any medication before consulting a doctor.

8. Scalp Massages

A recent study has shown that people who receive daily scalp massages assist with the growth of healthier and thicker hair. It is speculated that the massage stimulates follicles and prevents hair loss.

9. Natural Treatments

Various types of so called natural treatments have been observed to help with hair health, but these are not always supported with scientific studies. Even then some natural products such as oils, juices, and topical treatments can be of assistance in some cases.

Oils, especially peppermint and rosemary oil have been studied scientifically recently, and it has been observed that they assist with the increase of the hair growth among mice among mice. Other oils such as coconut oil, and olive oil have also been used to help with hair growth, or slow and prevent hair loss altogether.

A type of Vitamin B, Biotin, has long been advertised as a potential hair loss treatment for women. Biotin can be found in various food groups such as nuts, eggs, onions, and sweet potatoes naturally, especially when they are uncooked.

Applying onion juice to hair is also believed to help with hair growth, along with the extract of bhringraj, also known as false daisies. In a recent study, bhringraj extract was shown to provide better results than minoxidil on mice with regards to hair growth.

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