best haircut for your face shape
Dr. Sedat Öz
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21 December 2020
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Best haircut for your face shape

Your hair plays a huge part in your overall appearance and style and can be cut, coloured and styled in countless ways to show your hair off, even if you are missing some, Turkey Hair Transplant with HWT Clinic will be the solution. It is important, therefore, to make the right choice when looking at your locks, as not all hairstyles are born equal. Different cuts suit different face shapes and the end results can either be extremely flattering or completely dreadful – the line is pretty fine between the two at times.

It is worth, therefore, doing your research before committing to your cut. Once you can identify your correct men’s face shape, you will be better informed about what hair style will suit it best. Different aspects of each style will accentuate different areas of your face, such as the jawline, ears, temples and chin. You may want to cover up some areas while cutting hair and reveal others more clearly. Here are some tips to help you answer the question,‘ what haircut should I get?’, or ‘what hairstyle suits me?’


How to determine your face shape

The secret to looking polished and well-groomed is to always play to your strengths. To do this, you need to put aside any feelings of self-consciousness or shyness and take a really good look at yourself in the mirror. Look critically and try to imagine you are observing someone else to help you gain that all-important objectivity. Pull back your hair and take off any jewellery such as earrings or chains to give you the full, unimpeded view.

Focus first on the length of your face and the width of your forehead to see whether your face is longer than it is wide, or more of a square shape in dimension. Look at your jawline and chin to see whether they taper off or remain the same width as the rest of your face. Again, working all of this out will help determine which of the male face shapes you have got. Face shape is often genetic, so take a look at your parents and older relatives, especially your father, grandfather, brother and other male family members to see if there are many similarities between their face and your own.


Common face shapes for men

There are several different face shapes men can identify as having when trying to work out how to choose a haircut. The outline of your face should roughly resemble one of a number of geometric shapes, including square, rectangle, oval or diamond. Some men have heart-shaped, long or rounded faces, and this is also important to discover. Rectangular faces are long with an angular jaw, while square and round faces have roughly equal measurements across the length and width. Oval faces have a larger forehead than the jaw, which tends to be more rounded than pointed and heart shaped faces have a wide forehead and a narrow jaw with a pointed chin.

These face shapes are among the most common, although some men can have features of two or more different types. If this is your situation, you can have fun trying out different styles for all of the face shapes you have identified as being part of your own physiognomy and seeing what suits you best. After all, hair grows back, so you won’t have to stick with the same hair cut or colour for long if you ultimately decide that you don’t like it!


Haircuts for oval faces

Men with oval faces are considered to be fortunate by many, as they are usually well-proportioned and can suit a wider range of haircuts and styles. Hair can be worn long or short too, such is the versatility of an oval face. Choosing your oval face hairstyle is down to personal preference, therefore, but traditional styles such as a subtle quiff can look great, while a more voluminous shape can also work really well with longer lengths and even layers cut in to add bulk. Wear your hair off your forehead to avoid too much heaviness up top.

Shoulder-length hair compliments an oval face well, so rockers can enjoy expressing their personality in that way. Conversely, a short-back-and-sides or a buzz cut can be amongst the best haircuts for oval face males who prefer a more practical look and feel.


Haircuts for square faces

Men with square faces normally boast a strong jawline, which offers a large number of options for striking haircuts. Going for a slick undercut will really help emphasise the jaw and any other distinctive features, as it doesn’t place all the attention on the hair. Square-faced men can get away with a lot of volume in their hairstyles, so experiment with lengths and hair products to get the dimensions spot on.

Quiffs work well with this type of face too, as do deeper side partings to give a distinctive, bold look to match the no-nonsense vibe of your strong jawline and masculine face. Combine with close fades and shorter layers for the ultimate square face hairstyle.


Haircuts for round faces

Round faces will obviously look a little softer in general, so the trick here is to create angles with you hairstyle for added interest. If you want to elongate your face, keep the top part of your hair longer and gradually make the asides shorter to add dimension and add maturity to a baby-faced look. A side parting can also help add maturity and interest to a rounder face.

Other good styling tips for round faces include having some height on top and a tighter cut down the asides. Blunt cut fringes can look great too to help sharpen up the overall effect. For the illusion of a more chiselled jaw, try out a full, square beard to thin out the chin area and give it more definition.


Haircuts for diamond faces and heart faces

Men with a diamond face shape look great with side partings in their hair, as this adds balance and compliments their facial features especially well. Textured and slightly messy hair looks good with a diamond face too, with an angular fringe adding texture and interest, balancing out the wider dimensions of the cheek bones by moving focus to the forehead. Diamond faces can be the rarest shape of face, so take pride in your unusual looks. If you like to wear your hair longer, style your tresses so they can be tucked casually behind the ears to show off your bone structure to the max.

Regarding heart shaped faces, balance is key once again, with the preferred goal to balance out the top part of your face with the slimmer bottom half. Keep the hair proportionate with the features and try not to emphasise a narrow chin. Avoid cuts that are too short or tight. Keep things medium length and don’t be afraid to embrace the swept look, with a longer fringe to soften the larger forehead. Textured fringe and a volumising quiff can both work well, but remember to keep the hair products light to avoid an over-waxed finish.


Haircuts for rectangular faces

Unlike the tips for a round face, the main thing to avoid if you have a rectangular or oblong shaped face is to stop it looking longer than it has to. Avoid large, bouffant styles and opt instead for a more balanced look with a shorter or slicked back style working well to keep the look sharp and neat. Again, take it easy on the hair products so as not to bring unwanted attention to the wrong areas. Keep the cutting length well-proportioned all over and aim to fall roughly in the middle between too long and too closely cut.

Try to avoid long hairstyles as this can add unwanted depth to your face as well. Avoid full beards, as this can also lengthen the face unnecessarily. Try stubble or shorter beard styles instead if fashionable facial fuzz is a must for you and with missing beard issues, Beard Transplant in Turkey with HWT Clinic will solve your issues.


Haircuts for long faces

Finally, if you are looking for the best haircut for long face males, follow the same tips as for the rectangular or oblong scenario. It’s all about avoiding adding extra length to an already long face and so making your whole body look out of proportion. Some good options include keeping it spiky with good hair products to keep it looking cool all day. Side partings are also the friend of men with long faces as they shift interest to the side of your head.

For other ideas, try an undercut combined with a comb over. Done properly, this can look really striking and add an elegant look to men with a long face. Alternatively, you can also play it safe with a short and practical crew cut or buzz cut to emphasis your masculinity and show the world you mean business. If you are struggling to find a style that suits you, take a look at celebrity websites or magazines for inspiration and find pictures of people with the same face shape as yours. Ask your hair stylist or barber whether that style would suit you too.

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