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Dr. Sedat Öz
Written by Dr. Sedat Öz
30 March 2021
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Cool Tech Gift Ideas for The Man Who Has Everything

No modern man would countenance life without at least one or two tech gadgets to make things like driving, working out and communicating easier. Choosing what to buy a tech-savvy guy can be tricky if you don’t know what gadgets he may already have or where his particular interests may lie. However, there are always a good selection of tech gifts for men that go down very well with pretty much anyone, especially if you can then have the potential to purchase upgrades or accessories in the future.

A good way to shortlist the hundreds and hundreds of tech gift ideas out there on the internet is to group them by interest or area of operations. So, here is our guide to how to choose the best tech gifts for the men in your life next time a present-giving occasion swings round. Here’s to a gadget-crazy year!



The mobile phone is ubiquitous now, with most if not all of us either owning or having access to one. More recently, we have seen the dawn of the smart phone, replacing our camera, radio, maps, torch, address book and much, much more in one device. As well as offering us instant access to the internet, emails and messages. A tech-savvy guy will be well up-top-sped with the latest models, so check with him first before investing in a smart phone for him on his next birthday. Another option could be to choose a cool accessory, such as a phone case, charger, selfie stick or camera lens to help enhance his phone usage experience.

Or how about a battery recharger that he can keep with him for recharging his phone in even the most awkward or remote locations? Some come with added capacity to charge more than one device at the same time, so he can do his earbuds or tablet at the same time. Something that will keep him safe, connected and up-to-date, wherever he is in the world.



Increasingly, we are seeing road-based incidents that arise out of misunderstandings or, worse, aggression from one or more parties. Help your tech-loving driver friend or family member avoid this with a dash cam for peace of mind out on the road. It not only records what’s happening in front of your vehicle (or wherever you install it) as you’re driving along, but some models can also be activated remotely, or automatically when they feel vibrations to keep your car safe from harm while it is stationary as well.

Worried about speeding tickets and fines and keen to help your driving buddy slow down on the road? A smart sensor that detects speed limits and cameras along the way can be fixed to the dashboard to deliver real-time data that helps motorists make better informed decisions behind the wheel. If your motoring man is always losing his car keys, how about a smart tracker device that fixes to the keyring and can be activated by calling it on your mobile phone? This could save hours of wasted time searching for missing keys before setting out on a long journey.


Working Out

Fitness is getting ever more technical as we gain access to more sophisticated data and information around our performance: heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen levels and so on. Smart watches and Fitbits are now coming with increased fitness-based functions to monitor health and keep track of progress, whether that be routes run, miles spent in the pool or warnings when it detects your body straining too hard to achieve your next personal best.

Many also have pre-programmed routines and health tips to help you stay on track, as well as mindfulness hints to ensure your emotions keeps pace with your body. You can even buy tracking devices that you wear on top of your soles, inside your shoes to help you get a clearer idea about how to build on your running technique and avoid injury



Gaming is on the up and up, with the latest consoles, games and accessories causing a global storm and waiting lists many miles long whenever they are launched. We are creeping closer and closer towards total immersion style virtual reality, and it is an exciting time to be a die-hard gamer. As well as the usual suspects around consoles, computers and gaming devices, look for quirky accessories when choosing your next slew of gadget gifts for men. Augmented reality tablets, reactive, realistic steering wheels and weapon-style add-ons can really enhance the whole experience of playing a console or online game.



From electric toothbrushes that monitor your brushing technique to tea mugs that plug in via USB to keep your brew hot, there are countless technology gifts for men out there to help with the general business of going about our daily lives. You can even get heated electric razors that help make the chilly sensation of freezing cold metal on a freshly awoken cheek a thing of the past. What a world we live in. While on the subject of warmth and domestic cosiness, how about a heated blanket that can be controlled by your phone so you can turn it on just before you go up to bed and arrive with it fully warmed up and ready to help you drift happily off to sleep?

Another concept that is rapidly gaining popularity is the ‘Ring’ style doorbell that incorporates security camera style functionality into a standard doorbell. These devices are easy to install, straightforward to operate and link to your smart phone for surveillance on the go. Or, for the DIY enthusiasts out there, a cordless drill that can also be used for countless other jobs like uncorking wine, filing rough patches and acting as a screwdriver depending on the accessories you fit would make a great present. It might even galvanise him into getting a few of those outstanding DIY jobs done around the house, garden or shed.



Music plays a huge part in most people’s relaxing routines, so investing in some top notch headphones or ear buds for easier listening will always be a winning idea. There are a vast amount of options out there, with advanced acoustic functionality, ergonomic designs, wired and wireless versions and integrated alarms to help you track them down when they have gone astray. Couple a pair of ear phones with a smart sound bar or speaker that switches your music on and off and cycles through your favourite tracks via voice command. Very cool and a great way to enjoy your favourite tunes.

Or if making his own music is more his style, check out the myriad of tech devices out there to help you realise your ambitions of becoming the next Mozart, Morrisey or metal head. Learn the drums and keep the neighbours on side at the same time with a pair of smart drumsticks that use sensors to record your progress with near-silent application. Or invest in music editing software to give the gift of musical creation to the budding composer in your inner circle. Don’t forget to install a top quality recording app on their smart phone to help them capture their musical prowess to show it off to others later.

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