how to get rid of frizzy hair
Dr. Sedat Öz
Written by Dr. Sedat Öz
25 May 2021
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How To Fight The Frizz When It Comes To Your Hair

Curly hair can look stunning and turn a lot of heads. However, it comes with its own set of problems too, not least a propensity to turn into frizz if we’re not careful. Some hair types are more prone to frizzing than others, but one common factor is exposure to humid conditions, such as during a hot summer. The good news is that there is plenty of ways to answer the question, how to get rid of frizzy hair. From styling techniques to lifestyle changes and frizzy hair products, read on to find out more details given by HWT Clinic.


What Causes Frizzy Hair?

First of all, it is important to find out what causes frizzy hair and why it becomes a problem for people. This can then help us learn how to tame frizzy hair and end up with a sleek, beautiful style. For many, it is simply a case of genetics – what your parents handed down to you. However, frizzy hair can be made worse when there is a lack of moisture in the air. Ironically, dry frizzy hair can also be made worse when exposed to hot, humid weather or temperatures.

Frizzy, curly hair can also become damaged through overuse of harsh styling and colouring products, as the chemicals can affect the cuticle, or outer layer of the hair strands, causing them to lift up and let moisture in so the strand swells and frizzes. The less dry and more hydrated your hair is, the better the cuticle layers will lay flat. Keeping out harmful moisture and allowing the strands to stay smooth and sleek. This is a problem for frizzy hair men and women.


Best Shampoo For Frizzy Hair

When choosing a shampoo to help in the fight of how to stop frizzy hair, it is best to opt for one that does not contain sulphates. These are the ingredients that make the shampoo lather up . The lather strips out the natural oils in the hair and leaves strands dry and more prone to frizz. Look instead for shampoos with glycerine in, which helps to hydrate the hair and lock in beneficial moisture and water. Check the ingredients list carefully and look for shampoos that state they are ‘anti-frizz’, add ‘shine’ or offer ‘curl definition’. You might like to add a leave-in conditioner from time to time to give a longer nourishing boost.


Best Hair Mask For Frizzy Hair

Another way to help your  frizzy hair lie flatter is to use a deep cleansing hair mask every week. Again, choose one with extra hydrating properties to help keep your hair healthy and hydrated from the inside out. A hair mask like this will also help protect the hair from heat damage, split ends and exposure to harsh weather conditions. It can also help you enjoy more confidence when creating your own hairstyles for frizzy hair as the extra protection will let the hair withstand longer and more complex styling techniques.


Best Products For Frizzy Hair

While you may seek to look at creams and lotions to help with frizzy hair, don’t forget to start with the basics. Choosing a softer, plush towel such as a microfibre towel over something rougher like cotton can really help protect your hair. Harsher fabrics can cause breakage through friction or pulling at the hair, which will make the problem worse. Microfibre towels can also dry your hair faster, reducing the swelling inside the strands caused by excess humidity and heat. If you use a hairdryer instead of, or as well as a towel, insert the diffuser to protect the hair from the blast of heat and a more forceful stream of air. Again, this causes less friction and frizz.


How To Care For Frizzy Hair

Often, we can also make changes to our wider lifestyle when it comes to learning how to tame frizzly hair naturally. For example, switching to silk pillowcases allows our hair to glide over the smoother material as we move about at night, as well as helping to retain the natural oils in the hair and scalp better than cotton, which will absorb them. Avoid adding hairspray after styling, as this dries out the hair due to the alcohol it contains.

Make sure to visit the hairdresser or barber regularly as they will be able to advise on the best products to use and styles to select. They can also get rid of split ends and keep an eye out for any larger problems. Try to go along at least every eight weeks. Try not to touch your hair any more than you have to as well to keep it clean, grease free and sleek. Use a hairband to keep your hair off your face if it’s long and you know that you tend to play or fiddle with it.

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