short hairstyle and haircuts for men
Dr. Sedat Öz
Written by Dr. Sedat Öz
7 June 2024
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Easy short haircuts and cool cropped styles for men

Shorter hair can offer great versatility, with styles ranging from buzzcuts and crew cuts to layered textures, curls and waves. Short hair styles for men is no longer the buzzword for a ‘safe’ choice – you can really assert your sense of style and personality with short cuts, given a clever stylist, a hair care trick or two and some imagination.

Short hairstyles offer a modern and polished look that can easily be tailored to fit any personal style or professional setting.

The great thing about short hair is that it can suit every man – all ages, races, professions and attitudes. Cool short haircuts go with almost any fashion choice and gives the wearer an air of sleek, assured practicality. The fashion world is awash with on-trend, bold short haircuts and these can be replicated in your local salon. Experimenting with cool short haircuts can add a fresh and contemporary edge to your overall appearance.

Trendy short hair styles for men

The trends right now are for bold choices that reflect personality and go some way to distract us all from the challenges presented by the current global pandemic. Even if we are not going out and about quite so much, retaining a cool, trendy haircut can really help boost self-confidence and keep us looking sharp on all those video conference calls.

You could opt for a blowout haircut with sharp, tapered sides for a contemporary feel that is easy to maintain at home. Add a fringe for extra volume, with the casual, side-swept look particularly flattering for many men. This works well for short curly hair men’s hair styles too or short hair with layers.

Practical cropped hairstyles for men

Practical, short hair styles are great for keeping annoying tresses out of the eyes and making the morning grooming routine quicker and easier. Men have plumped for the classic ‘short back and sides’ look for decades, and it remains a popular choice today. A crew cut has the same effect, helping you stay business-like, neat and tidy with minimal effort required.

If you favour a closer cropped cut, such as a buzzcut or shaved look, try something new by having patterns or designs shaved in for a unique style to call your own. If you like to keep your hair a little bit longer, why not try a combed back style to appear polished, modern and ready to do business?

Avant-garde styles to turn heads

The quiff is back, arriving from the 1950s in a new variation to add volume and texture to a shorter haircut. Quiffs especially suit curly haired men, keen to channel; their inner Elvis. Then, there is the ‘faux-hawk’ a more tempered version of the iconic ‘mohawk’ style that adds a touch of height to shorter hair to appear edgy and aesthetic without having to commit to a more extreme look. This is just one of a series of ‘spiky’ haircuts that can take short hair and turn it into something spectacular without the need to wait for it to grow longer to add the requisite interest.

Another iconic haircut from the past – the bowl cut is also making a comeback – but with far more style than your mum could ever achieve with her pudding basin, scissors, towel and uncomfortable kitchen. The secret here is not to cut the hair into too perfect a bowl shape – a few imperfections and longer strands here and there are what gives the reimagined style its modern twist.

Short hair styles for thinning hair

The short comb over is one of the most effective short hairstyles that has been specially designed for men with thinning hair. Short haircuts for men with thin hair can be extremely effective, so long as you avoid making it too obvious that you are trying to hide problem areas. To make it look more natural, keep your hair shorter and comb it into place using gel, spray or other hair care products that add an extra shine and precision to the overall look. If this idea doesn’t appeal and you are feeling brave, then whipping the whole lot off in a buzzcut style can be a dramatic, yet striking look that draws attention for all the right reasons.

If your hair is thinner on the sides of your head than on the top, ask your barber for a high-top fade, which keeps the length on top but fades underneath to add interest and disguise any thinning patches along the side of your face. In a similar fashion, a low fade takes the hair from being relatively long on the top, shaving downwards to reveal the skin by your ears and by your cheeks, down to the nape of your neck.

Other ideas for men with thinner hair include moving your parting to one side to change the way your hair falls and so distract people from any troublesome areas. This can also help take attention away from a receding hairline, especially if you play around with the idea, changing the parting frequently to keep people guessing. In addition, if you have trouble styling your short and thin hair and are looking for a solution to this problem, Turkey hair transplant will eliminate this problem. With hair transplantation in Turkey, you can have thicker hair and shape your hair as you wish.

Caring for short hair

Caring for shorter hair is normally straightforward and simple to incorporate into your daily routines, It does not require the daily brushing that longer hair does to remove tangles and keep it looking sleek. Use your fingers to shape it and add volume at the root and use your comb only when you feel the need – certainly not necessarily every day.

Try to avoid using heated appliances such as flat irons or hairdryers to avoid damaging the roots and the exposed skin on your scalp. One huge advantage to shorter hair is that you can go to bed with it wet, and even start your day without having to dry it completely, unless having wet hair makes you feel cold or uncomfortable. You can tame any flyaway sections with hair products, or even a cotton wool ball dampened with warm water.

Finally, protect your scalp, as it is not covered by as much hair as with longer styles. Keep it clean by washing your head and hair daily and use a moisturiser or cleansing oil to prevent irritation. Scalp massage is also beneficial to the circulation and your general feelings of wellness. End your daily shower with a quick blast of cold water to dislodge any stubborn dirt or shampoo residue and to give your hair an extra shine.

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