what is the cost of hair restoration in turkey
Dr. Sedat Öz
Written by Dr. Sedat Öz
1 October 2020
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World-class quality of treatment added on with better prices leads European and Middle Eastern countries to prefer Turkey for treatment. Turkey is one of the three most preferred medical tourism countries and is leading in hair transplant thanks to its first class surgeons, modern and hygienic clinics and of course the price policy. All the tourism attraction points helps determining a spot for all the patients looking for Turkey hair transplant. According to statistics, over 5,000 patients come to Turkey for hair transplant.

Different Cost Factors Affecting Hair Transplantation in Turkey

Most plantation costs in Turkey is quite cheap compared to European and Middle East countries. The cost of labor is cheaper and the purchasing power of the local currency is one of the reasons for favorable Turkey hair transplantation prices. Therefore it’s possible to make a plantation to one-third of the price compared to other countries in Turkey. There may be many factors affecting hair transplantation prices.


  • Selection of first class surgeons
  • Hygienic, modern and luxurious clinic choices
  • Hair transplant treatment content (number of application, type, amount of follicles available)
  • Services included in addition to treatment plan
  • Government incentives
  • The rate of guarantee provided by doctors or clinics.
  • Hair care products after transplantation

The most important reason for being in first place in the world for hair transplantation and for having great hair transplantation results is experienced and established surgeons providing education in the world as well as the world standard clinics. Recently opened clinics in Turkey have contributed to creating a pretty competitive environment and has led to the increasing quality and success every day. They stand out with the latest technological medical devices, hygienic conditions and clinics that include medical teams of qualified experts and after care services they provide after hair transplantation.

What is Included in Hair Transplantation Costs?

Plantation costs in Turkey can cover more than the treatment contents. Sometimes clinics can create different packages and transport patients from coming to Turkey for treatment plantation, accommodation, and also can benefit from many services up to sightseeing. The content of hair transplantation treatment is also very effective in hair transplantation costs. Using FUT or FUE Hair Transplant method in Turkey (FUT method is not preferred today), combining PRP and mesotherapy to hair transplantation, support treatments before and after hair transplantation and support treatments that are appropriate for hair transplant surgeon may cause variable hair transplantation costs.

In this blog we tried giving more information about the costs of hair transplantation, for more information you can get more check our Turkey Hair Transplant Cost page.

What Should be Considered When Choosing a Hair Transplantation Clinic?

There are many clinics for hair transplantation treatments in Turkey. The answer to the question of which clinic to choose for Turkey hair transplantation consists of a few important items. HWT Clinic measures are;

  • To be clinically approved by the Ministry of Health.
  • Hair transplant surgeons are plastic surgeons.
  • Following the latest developments and being a center that keeps track of the work before and after
  • Good hygiene standards of the clinic and surgical environment.
  • Positive doctor and clinical references.
  • High guarantee of hair transplant results.

Affordable but inadequate hygienic conditions, specialist doctors and lack of adequate medical equipment can harm the patient more than benefit.

Is It Secure to Have Hair Transplant in Turkey?

Turkey is a country that is very successful in both culture and health tourism. The fact that 7 regions are full of historical and natural beauties creates a travel idea for those who want to have hair transplantation. Turkish hospitality, to visit many of the different cultures and history of Turkey tourist spots with attractions manages to attract the attention of every season. Due to its geopolitical location from time to time ‘security’ comes in the minds of the patients. According to statistics there are fewer attack and acts of terrorism in Turkey compared to countries in Europe. 78 countries can travel to Turkey without visa and 42 countries can apply for a visa directly or online.

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