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Dr. Sedat Öz
Written by Dr. Sedat Öz
9 April 2021
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15 romantic ways to enjoy a date at home

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way that we live our lives. How we do our jobs, socialise with friends and pursue romantic relationships. We are spending more time at home than ever before, which is leading to a change in the way that we enjoy our leisure time. Many couples are turning to the trusty DIY date night to enjoy each other’s company, looking for fun things for couples to do at home instead of heading out to restaurants, theatres or clubs for entertainment.

Here are 15 ideas for stay at home dates and romantic things to do at home to help keep the passions alive while the world tackles the COVID-19 pandemic and we all remain local to play our part in the fight.


Cooking a meal

Taking the time to go through the whole culinary process of choosing a recipe for a romantic meal for two, ordering and preparing the ingredients, cooking the dish and enjoying it together is a lovely way to spend tine as a couple. You could alternate who gets to choose the dish, or have regular cookery nights where you try ideas from different countries or periods of history. To make it really special, dress smartly and put on some romantic music to set the scene.


Candlelit evening

Talking of setting the scene, there’s not many ways of embracing love and romance than lighting a few candles and enjoying their soft, flickering light. Candlelight evokes an intimate atmosphere, whatever you are doing, so try adding some to whatever you are planning to do at home – eating a meal, having a bath, watching a film or even sitting quietly together with magazines. One of the more relaxing home date night ideas around.


Movie night

The joy of TV streaming services such as Netflix is that you can have thousands of films, TV programmes and music tracks at your fingertips, instantly and conveniently in your own home. Choose your favourite film, grab some popcorn and settle in together for a romantic movie night. If you have a garden and you don’t think the neighbours will mind, why not take the viewing outside with your tablet or phone, some snacks and a drink or two?


Any questions?

This is one of the more simple indoor date ideas to arrange, as it involves just the two of you and somewhere quiet to sit and talk. Take it in turns to ask each other the questions that you have always wanted to ask. Set up some rules in advance to keep you stay comfortable and on track – any areas that are out of bounds for discussion, how long each answer should take and any (fun) penalties for being found not to be telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.


Silly sleeps

This is a good one for couples with children at home as well. Declare one night to be ‘silly sleeps night’, when everyone is allowed to choose anywhere in the house where they would like to sleep, providing it is safe to do so. Set up camp with your bedding and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate before you go to bed for added decadence and fun. If the weather is good enough, you could extend the choice of sleeping locations to the garden, again, if you are able to do so safely.


Music making

Playing music instruments or singing together at home is something of a lost art, and reminiscent of families gathering around the piano at Christmas in times gone by. Making music together, however, can be an incredibly intense and enjoyable experience. Plus you have the satisfaction of creating something beautiful together that reflects your love and your passion for each other through the medium of music.


Board game tournament

Are you a chess champion? Does your partner wipe the floor with you during Monopoly? Whose turn is it to succeed at Scrabble? If both of you can keep your sense of humour and win or lose with equal magnanimity, then holding a board game night could be great fun for couples who enjoy a spot of healthy competition. Don’t forget the snacks and the drinks to help you maintain your intellectual stamina.


Mini Olympics

This one of the more adventurous fun at home date ideas that might involve slightly more planning (and space) than other suggestions. Plan a series of mini challenges around the house and garden, such as jumping over obstacles, hopping, skipping or jumping events, egg and spoon races or scavenger hunts. Keep each event short so that you don’t get bored and have prizes and a medal ceremony for the winners. You could even plan an opening and closing ceremony with speeches for the full Olympic effect.


Firepits and marshmallows

A slightly less energetic way to enjoy the garden with your loved one is to light a firepit and enjoy a special evening chatting round it, toasting marshmallows and snuggling up to each other as the sun sets and the birds sing their final choruses of the day. You can get firepits in all sizes and to suit all budgets, so see what you can find online to provide a romantic glow and a welcome source of heat as you gaze up at the stars together and dream about the future.


Wine (or beer) tasting

One of those date ideas at home for couples keen to expand their culinary horizons. You can order a wine or beer tasting kit from suppliers online that comes with full tasting notes and suggestions for accompanying food to make it a night to remember. Just remember to drink responsibly and to follow the tasting advice in the kit. You could stick to wines or beers from certain regions only, or go on an alcoholic round-the-word tour, right in your own living room.


Pamper night

Pamper nights aren’t just for the girls. Couples can enjoy a luxury evening of bath oils, scented body creams, face masks and hair treatments to put some self-care back into the routine and bring them closer together. Enjoy a long bubble bath together before settling in for a night of luxury and fun, whether that is enjoying a beautiful meal together, watching a romantic movie or slipping off to bed for an early night…


Come dancing

When you dance with your loved one at home, it doesn’t matter how good you are at it, or what other people might think. You can be free to just kick back and enjoy the sensation of moving in harmony with your partner and letting the music take over your mood. If you fancy it, there are plenty of videos showing how to perform dance moves, as well as online classes to follow at home. The main thing is that you have fun and enjoy doing something a bit different with your partner to free up the imagination and help you relax and forget everything else for a while.


Racy reading

When was the last time someone read you a story? Probably sometime back in your childhood. There is something very special and intimate about being read to, one on one, by someone you love. Choose a romantic novel, play or poetry book and take turns reading out loud  to each other at home. Once you get past any initial awkwardness about reading aloud, it should become a fun experience that could even provide ideas for how to spend your next stay at home date night.


Memory lane

Getting the photo albums or home videos out can be a wonderful way to spend time together at home and to strengthen your relationship by remembering the good times – and why you fell in love in the first place. Look back on favourite holidays and relive special times such as your wedding day, birthday parties ort the early years of your children’s lives. You might want to go even further back and share your own childhood albums to give a deeper understanding into what made each of you the people you are today.


Dream big

Finally, the couple that dreams together could be said to stay together, as ideas are formed and individual goals become couple ambitions to achieve as a pair. Turn an opportunity to dream into one or more stay-in date ideas by setting aside time to browse holiday sites online, take virtual tours of houses and property for sale nearby and create mood boards and to-do lists to help you achieve what your heart and soul have always desired.

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