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Dr. Sedat Öz
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9 January 2021
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There are many methods to try if you are wondering how to get curly hair. Men can choose from using styling products, heated curling irons or visiting the salon for a professional solution such as a perm or chemical treatment. Consult your hairdresser or barber for the best professional ideas on how to curl short hair and how to curl straight hair for men. Alternatively (or additionally) there are all kinds of treatments and methods you can try at home, either to turn your straight hair curly, or to maintain your existing curls for longer.

How to make your hair curly

Always start any method aimed at achieving curly hair for men with clean, wet hair. This ensures it is looking and feeling at its best with any excess grease or dirt washed out and as much moisture as possible already locked in. Next, apply a heat protectant to prevent your hair from becoming burned or damaged by any products or tools that you use. You can get this from your hairdresser or barber, who will be able to recommend the right product for your hair type.

Next, add a spritz of a good sea salt spray to help add movement to your hair and increase its volume and texture, ready for the curling process to begin. Work it right the way through your hair from the scalp to the ends. Now, blow dry your hair to help activate the ingredients applied so far. Use a diffuser, if your hair dryer comes with one, to add volume and minimise the risk of frizz.

The long and short of it

For longer hair, wrap a section of your hair around a set of heated curling tongs and hold in place for a few seconds to help the curl stay in place. Gently remove the tongs and repeat until your whole head of hair has been treated. Finish with a styling spray to keep the curls in place. Use your fingers to create the exact pattern of curls that you want.

If your hair is shorter, you can still enjoy the effect of curls. Use a smaller set of curing tongs on your fringe to add texture and volume. Twirl different sections in different directions to increase the effect. Add a volumiser product to your roots to add volume and interest here too. Be patient, as this technique will take time to master.

Best natural products to make straight hair curly

Use hair styling products that contain high levels of moisturising ingredients to keep you hair soft and supple enough to manipulate and curl. Use shampoos with do not contain sulphates as these can dry out your hair and strip out natural oils that help your hair keep hold of curls. Wash your newly-curled hair in lukewarm water, rather than hot as a way to reduce the risk of damage and to stop the curls from falling flat.

Sea salt spray, as mentioned above, is also an excellent natural product to use in the hair curling process. It leaves a soft, malleable finish and helps your hair stay in shape without the curls becoming ’crunchy’, as they can do with some harsher hair spray products. Applying heat when curling your hair is also a natural way to get improved results. Finally, applying argan oil, or Moroccan oil, has long been considered an excellent way to keep hair hydrated, glossy, supple and well defined.

Curly hair care

Looking after curly hair is relatively straightforward. Avoid styling products that contain higher levels of alcohol as this can be drying, and curly hair tends to be less hydrated than straight hair as a rule. Steer clear of heavy wax or gels, too, as these can dampen down the curls too much and leave your hair looking lifeless and greasy. Choose a moisturising product and go lighter with it wherever possible, as curls will not absorb light as well as straight hair, so will need extra help to look glossy. Always get your hair cut professionally to ensure it retains its shape and condition.

Hair care for afro styles

For men who have an afro hairstyle, some of the tips for looking after curly hair also apply. However, extra care can be taken for afro hair by not washing it every day to prevent dryness, using specialist shampoos that don’t strip out the natural oils and conditioning your hair with a silicone-free conditioner to keep it tangle free and soft to the touch. Good ingredients to maintain an afro in top condition include coconut oil, aloe vera extract and avocado oil.

Eat a diet high in oils and proteins and avoid using harsh products or over-heated styling tools too often such as relaxants and hair straightening wands. Let you hair enjoy being in its natural state from time to time to give it a chance to rest from any regular styling products and techniques you use that could put strain on the hair follicles and ends.

Best curly hair styles for men

As well as the afro, which is the final word in curly hair, there are many styles that can look amazing on men blessed with curls. Keep the sides and back shorter to maintain a sleeker look and to keep unruly curls more under control. You can grow your hair longer on top to add interest. Curly haired men can enjoy particularly versatile hair styles, with the curly nature of your hair enabling you to place your parting anywhere you like, sweeping your hair across the forehead for a fashionable flick, or bringing a curly fringe forward for a casual, tousled look.

Increase volume by having layers cut into your curly hair, or reduce it by keeping the length around three inches to keep things neat and contained. Or go full pre-Raphaelite by allowing your hair to grow down to chin length or even longer and have a cascade of striking ringlets framing your face. Whatever you decide to do, protect your hair with a good heat protectant and allow it to go back to its natural state from time to time to allow the hair to rest and replenish its nutrients uninterrupted.

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