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5 February 2021
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Hair wax has long been a popular product amongst men who want to style their hair in a fashionable, yet practical way that will stay in place for longer. Yet the art of using wax goes way beyond simply slathering some on and hoping for the best. For a start, there are several types of hair wax for men, from a wax stick for hair to pomades, clays and pastes. It can be fun experimenting with a few of these to see which suits your hair best before committing to one or two to use regularly.

Different styles and hair types need different amounts of wax to achieve the styles you are interested in, and it can be applied in a variety of ways to achieve different looks too. For example, you can apply the product gently with your fingertips for a lighter touch, whereas combing through a thicker product will make it look shiny and sleek. To help you consistently achieve the best results for your chosen style, check the various hair wax for men type of products for their level of shine (glossy to matte) and holding power (low to maximum hold) For more tips on how to use hair wax and which products offer which attributes, read on.


Hair Wax, Stick or Paste

The standard hair wax for men often comes in stick form, or as a or a paste inside a tin or container, ready to be used straight away. It is sometimes known as moulding paste. Hair wax like this offers a firm to medium hold and helps to hydrate the hair and scalp. Scoop a small amount from the tin and warm it in your hand for a short while to make it easier to apply. Apply to the hair and leave it in – it will harden slightly to keep the style in place and add both volume and texture.


Hair Gel

Another products that has earned its place amongst the list of best wax for hair is hair gel. These are effective for holding styles in place and lighter than many waxes for a more natural feel. They also do not harden, meaning that you can restyle your hair even after you have applied the gel and are easier to brush or wash out afterwards. You only need to use a very small amount – the size of a pea – for most hair lengths to achieve a good shine. You can always build up the amount if you feel you need more.


Hair Spray

Hair spray is not just for women! If you like the idea of styling your hair but don’t want to invest in hair wax for men, try hair spray instead for a light, but long-lasting hold and a great finishing product. Hair spray can also pep up limp or dull hair and add volume effortlessly. Hold the spray can a good distance from your head to avoid over-spraying and allow to dry before touching your head too much.



As the name suggests, clay products are used to mould the hair and add stiffness to hold the shape in place. It is easy to use and very versatile. Clay dries in a matte finish, which offers a great alternative to the glossier wax for hair that can leave a shine and offers a more natural look. Make sure it is evenly distributed throughout the hair and use on medium or long hair for the best results. Some clays come with added minerals or oils to help nourish the hair as you style.



This wax for hair solution offers the ultimate solution for a wet, slicked-back look. It suits anyone with straight or wavy hair that is medium or longer length. It can also help tame wild hair and create a smart, manageable look for any occasion. Apply the pomade slowly, building the product up until you are happy with the look. Then,  run a comb through for a sleek, retro look. Pomade will last for a long time for the ultimate in low-maintenance styling.


Styling Cream

This hair wax product sits hallway between the heavier wax and pomade and the lighter sprays and gels. Creams provide an effective hold at the same time as nourishing the hair and acting as a base for other hair styling products. Again, you can use hair cream to tame frizzy hair and tidy up wisps or stray sections. Use like wax or gel and run your fingers through the hair for an even finish.



After you have finished with your hairstyle using hair wax for men, it is important to wash the product you have used out of your hair fully so that you don’t have any remnants adding unwanted grease or dirt to the hair. Always wash hair wax out before going to bed as this not only keeps your hair looking, feeling and smelling more hygienic, it also keeps your pillowcases and bedlinen cleaner. Always replace the lids on your product containers after using them to stop the wax from drying out and pay careful attention to the use-by information.

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