10 style and fashion tips for men
Dr. Sedat Öz
Written by Dr. Sedat Öz
21 December 2020
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10 style and fashion tips for men

Rules can be as inevitable part of life as death and taxes; however, some are more interesting to follow than others. Take, for example, the rules of dressing stylishly and looking fabulous. There is something to be said for ploughing your own furlough and going your own way completely when it comes to working out your style. After all, what works for some people may not be right for others. However, taking heed of a few fashion rules and menswear style tips could help you find your feet a little quicker. Read on for our extra special, men’s fashion 101 guide to looking smooth in 2021.


Wear it well

The secret to looking stylish at all times is not how much you spend, or which labels you choose – it’s all about treating your clothes well, ensuring that they are properly cleaned according to the washing instructions, whether that is at home or at the dry cleaners. Iron them if the care instructions advise you to and invest in decent coat hangers and suit protectors to keep your clothes pristine when you are not wearing them. Get any stains out as quickly as you can after noticing them and repair any missing buttons, hanging threads or small rips immediately too, so the outfit is ready to wear at a moment’s notice if needs be.

Looking after your clothes like this will show the worlds that you are organised, responsible and able to handle life’s daily routines. It will inspire confidence in you and show off even the most ordinary items in your wardrobe at their very finest. Don’t forget your shoes, belts and other leather accessories – keep them in good, shiny condition. Dry your umbrella as soon as you get indoors from a rain storm to keep it looking as well looked after as the rest of your outfit. Avoid overpacking your work bag or laptop case to stop the material stretching and the bag becoming misshapen.


Capsule clothing

Many women have been enjoying the benefits of maintaining a capsule wardrobe for years – now it’s your turn. A capsule wardrobe takes the finest of men’s fashion tips and condenses them into a small collection of clothes that can be mixed and matched and worn in countless combinations to make it seem like you own more clothes than you actually do. It also helps you out if you are short on time or budget to pull together a larger collection of men’s outfit ideas.

The tricky part is choosing the right items for your capsule wardrobe.  Choose pieces that go well with more than one other item of clothing. Prioritise things you wear more often, such as a good pair of jeans, some decent t-shirts and button down shirts, a couple of pullovers and a smart suit or blazer. Look for neutral colours for even greater flexibility in choosing combinations. You can always add a pop of colour with your accessories, e.g. ties, belts and shoes, which don’t have to be part of the main capsule.


All in the detail

Talking of accessories, this is an area that is important to focus on when considering fashion advice for men. This is where you can be a bit bolder in colour and style choices and have fun picking out some statement pieces to add the perfect, trendy ‘zing’ to your outfit.

If you don’t want to spend too much money or too much time in this area, at least invest in a decent wallet and watch. These are the items that will be with you every single day, so choose something you love and would be proud to show off in any setting. If you wear glasses, this is also somewhere to spend good money – the irritation and unnecessary extra cost of buying replacement frames if your original ones snap is not worth any initial cost savings on buying cheaply in this area.


Be bold…

As more of us have embraced new ways of working over the past few months, the standard ‘office uniform’ of greys, navy blues and blacks is becoming a far less common sight. Take the opportunity to enjoy experimenting with colour as we all start to embrace ‘the new normal’ and go bold in your choices. Check out the fashion mags and websites for a better idea of seasonal trends, if that sort of thing interests you when it comes to men’s style advice and see what takes your fancy.

Be bold in other fashion areas too. As well as colour, consider stronger patterns and shapes in your clothing and accessories. Look for large buckles, interesting buttons and usual shoes to shake your look up and brighten your outlook. Just knowing that you are wearing something amazing that you love and look great in will raise your spirits and give you more confidence to face the day ahead.


… yet classic

Every fashionable man knows that, to make a colour really pop, it must be contrasted and complimented by classic staples. Where would a bright, bold patterned shirt be without cool, classis blue denim jeans to set it off properly? A statement belt will look fantastic with a cool, classic white shirt, impeccably ironed, sitting above it. Stripy socks in every colour under the sun will totally shine when worn next to beautifully polished black leather brogues or a pair of sporty, classic trainer.

Then, there are days when you are not quite feeling up to making a statement and would rather blend into the background for a bit while you regroup. Choosing decent classics such as blue jeans and a decent collection of clean, undamaged t-shirts or hoodies will give you the chance to grab the nearest garment to hand, knowing that it will serve you well during times when you need to retreat into your man cave for a bit.


Good grooming

No men’s style guide would be complete without an effective grooming routine to ensure that the hair, face and skin are all looking at their very best. Get your hair cut regularly and keep it clean with the right type of shampoo for your hair, followed up by a conditioner and light wax or gel if you use it. Brush or comb it regularly too, to stimulate circulation in the scalp for healthy hair growth and to get rid of any dead skin cells. HWT Clinic offers Hair Transplant in Istanbul for thick and dense hair.

Take a leaf out of many women’s books by establishing a good skin care routine. You can achieve amazing results with just the basic trio of cleaner, toner, and moisturiser, applied morning and night. For an occasional treat, you can get specialist face masks and treatments which you can apply yourself at home, or have done for you at a salon or spa. Get rid of the unsightly shadows and bags under the eyes and brighten up your skin tone to help you show off your carefully chosen outfits at their very best. Don’t forget to keep your hands moisturised too so that your handshake will feel even better with its well-nourished and hydrated skin.


Shoe-in success

People take in what you look like and judge how fashionable you are by appraising you right from the top of your head, down to the shoes on your feet – therefore a key part of your look to get right. Just as with your clothes, you should invest in more than one pair of shoes so that you can match them to the right outfit and occasion. Good shoes for the office or more formal occasions include classic Oxfords or smart brogues in dark leather tones of black, brown or navy blue, depending on the colour of your suit. Pair these with smart trousers – never tracksuit bottoms – and always remember that the darker the trousers, the darker your shoes must be.

For more casual occasions, you can choose between trainers (sneakers), boat shoes or canvas shoes, again matching the colour to your outfit and the level of formality to the occasion at hand. Always keep your shoes in good condition, cleaning them often and getting rid of any mud or debris that is stuck to them right away. Choose a shoe polish or cleaner suitable for the colour and follow the care instructions carefully to avoid damaging the finish. Store your shoes properly using shoe trees if required and without squashing or putting pressure on them to allow them to keep their shape.


Awesome outerwear

When you are required to leave the house to get to work, a social event or simply to run errands, your choice of overcoat is just as important at the rest of your clothes if you want to be considered a fashionable, stylish guy about town. Choose a coat in neutral colours to get the most wear out of it – see the second tip about creating a capsule wardrobe. Always try a coat on in the shop before buying it to make sure it fits and that you can fasten it properly to get the benefit in colder temperatures.

You can choose from a range of coats, from the classic overcoat or trench to an anorak, bomber jacket or even a hoodie. Your choice of material will also be affected by your overall style, so decide whether you are more of a leather biker jacket guy or a soft, snug woollen coat man. Either way, make sure you look after your chosen outerwear carefully, and don’t forget to accessorise with a hat, gloves and scarf for those really chilly days.


Understated underwear

Having worked out your outerwear, it’s time to think about your underwear – the building blocks of a perfect outfit. Don’t spend too long worrying about this part, as the majority of people will never know what you have got underneath your shirt and trousers, but it is still worth mentioning it as there are a few ‘do’s and don’ts’ to observe. Choose underwear that is supportive and comfortable. You may need to try out a few varieties before settling on your favourite combination. Once you are happy with your choice, buy lots of pairs of pants, socks, vests etc. so you don’t run out of clean underwear at an inconvenient time.

Always wear clean underwear too, as you never know when you will need to be rushed to hospital and treated by a sexy doctor or nurse… for that reason, too, chuck or mend any pants or socks with rips or holes in. Rips can get caught up in your skin and make you feel uncomfortable all day, so it’s worth taking some pride in your pants.


Rules? What rules?

Finally, all that’s left to say is that it’s your body, your fashion choice and, therefore your rules. If you choose to ignore all the above and go your own way, who are we to stop you? Go for it, enjoy experimenting and tell the world who you are with the choice of stylish outfits you wear. Fashion is supposed to be fun, so go for it!

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