How to Grow Your Hair Faster?

How to Grow Your Hair Faster?

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How to grow your hair faster and longer

From ponytails to afros; textured waves to the controversial man-bun’, it is becoming more common to see men with longer hairstyles these days. Longer hair can really make you stand out from the crowd, as well as protect the delicate skin on your scalp and even keep your neck warmer during the winter. We lose on average around 50 to 100 hairs every day, but these are normally replaced by the same number of new hairs, meaning that we can enjoy changing our hair style on a regular basis, knowing that our hair will grow back and we can have fun changing our look whenever we want, in cases of more hair loss comes in the hair transplant option. HWT Clinic provides Hair Transplant in Turkey to have the long hair style that you desire.

While there are numerous hair styling products out there that claim to show you how to make your hair grow faster, there is no miracle cure that you can find in a bottle that will do the trick and speed up your hair growth on its own. There are all kinds of factors involved. Genetics can play a role, so check out what’s happening to your parents’ hair and other relatives to get an idea of what lies in store for you. Studies have shown that your maternal grandfather can be a particularly close predictor.

Lifestyle, too, has a big impact, with aspects such as diet, stress levels and grooming habits all needing to be considered. Living life to the max is all well and good, but if you are trying to make your hair grow faster, sometimes a little moderation can reap all kinds of rewards, both mental and physical. So, what else should you be aware of if you are trying to figure out how to grow hair faster? Read on to find out about various hints and tips to help you promote healthy, faster  hair growth this year.


How long does it take hair to grow?

The answer to the much-asked question, how much does hair grow in a month is simple. Human hair grows at an average rate of half an inch per month, or around six inches per year. Straight hair will tend to show growth more clearly than curly hair due to its nature; however, results will be more or less the same, regardless of your hair type. As well as genetics and lifestyle, your age will also have an effect, as well as any underlying hormonal issues, medical conditions and medications or supplements you may be on.

Some medical conditions can directly affect your hair, such as alopecia areata, and you should seek professional advice on how to treat this. Other conditions to be aware of that could affect hair growth or loss include thyroid dysfunction iron deficiency anaemia and skin disorders. Finally, damage to hair from over styling it or using harmful chemicals when dyeing it can affect its growth, so care must be taken to read the labels on hair products and always carry out patch tests before treating the entire head.


How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster?

The good news is that there is plenty you can do to mitigate against hair loss and encourage healthy, faster hair growth. Try to reduce stress, as this can disrupt the growing phase of the hair follicles’ life cycle from your body diverting resources to deal with the increased stress levels or perceived threat. Maintain an active, but not overwhelming lifestyle that incorporates plenty of exercise, socialising and downtime as well as your work. This can sometimes be easier said than done, but it is a good idea for all kinds of reasons to try to find a healthy balance – not just for faster hair growth but for a happier life all round.

Watch your diet. The principle of ‘you are what you eat’ applies just as much to your hair as it does the rest of you. Increasing your protein will help make your hair grow quicker, so stock up on protein-rich foods like fish, beans, whole grains and nuts. This is especially important for vegetarians, as meat can also be a good source of protein, so you will need to find alternative sources. Vitamins A, B, C and E also help promote healthy hair growth, as do zinc, iron and omega-3 fatty acids. Added bonus is that they also help protect your skin, so your whole head and body will benefit.


How to grow your hair long, men pay attention!

Get plenty of sleep. Our bodies replenish and repair themselves when we sleep and our growth hormones in particular speed up cell reproduction, contributing to faster hair growth. Incidentally, these hormones are also the reasons why teenagers need a lot of sleep, as adolescence is a prime time for rapid growth and physical development.

Create a calm, quiet space in your bedroom to aid restful sleep. Avoid stimulants such as coffee, alcohol and gaming in the evening to help your brain get ready for sleep. Brush your hair just before you go to bed to increase the circulation in your scalp and redistribute the natural oils all over to keep your hair naturally moisturised and tangle free.

Treat your hair carefully when styling, washing and cutting it. Damage such as split ends, chemical exposure and scorching from heated styling tools like straighteners or hair dryers can cause hairs to break off and so interrupt your growing regime. You could even find yourself having to cut your hair back to being short again if the damage is extensive, or close to your scalp, which would be extremely frustrating. That said, getting frequent trims is a good idea as, although it might seem contrary to the overall goal of longer hair, the ends will appear thicker and more lustrous after a trim, leading to the visual effect of increased hair growth.


How fast does your hair grow?

The answer to this question depends on still more factors, including grooming, styling and how to treat your hair. Choose grooming products that suit your hair type and visit a salon for any colouring, perming or other treatments involving chemicals to be on the safe side. Use a mild shampoo and avoid over-washing your hair to prevent the natural oils from being taken away.

A good washing routine to follow is to shampoo your hair two or three times per week to encourage the natural oils to penetrate the follicles and keep them hydrated. When you shower on the other days, just give your hair a quick rinse in water to keep the dirt away. Finish off your shower with a quick blast of cold water to help close the cuticles in the hair follicles to promote stronger growth. Take extra care when brushing wet hair as it is more susceptible to breakages when damp.

If you favour tightly styled looks such as buns, ponytails, cornrows or braids, give your hair a rest from these from time to time, letting it hang loose, or gathering it into a loose ponytail at the back of the neck to allow the follicles to relax. There are other things you can try too, such as scalp massages, which can stimulate and increase circulation to the hair follicles, encouraging more rapid growth. Use a massage device (not your fingers) to prevent dirt or oils from your hands getting rubbed into the hair, which could, over time, have the opposite effect to what you are seeking to achieve. Many people also swear by sleeping on a silk pillow to stop cotton from absorbing moisture from the hair and to help prevent damage through your moving about in your sleep.


How to grow facial hair

Growing a thick, healthy beard and/or moustache is many a man’s aim. Just like the hair on your scalp, knowing how to grow facial hair can result in faster, healthier progress. Again, many of the answers lie in maintaining healthy routines, especially around what you eat, since beard and moustache hairs react just as much to the right nutrients and mix of foods as the rest of your body does.

Vitamins like B5, C and E all help, as does eating lots of fruit and vegetables, especially spinach, kale, potatoes, oranges and raisins. Add plenty of protein too, as advised above, incorporating foods like chicken, fish and eggs into your regular diet. Avoid smoking and excess alcohol and make sure you drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and feeling more alert.

As your beard or moustache grows, it requires lots of love and attention to keep it healthy and growing in the right shape for your face. Use a specialist beard oil or balm to keep your facial hair hydrated and to lock in the natural oils. Brush with a beard brush or comb once a day to keep things looking neat and tidy. Trim your beard and moustache regularly to cut off any split ends and give the effect of increased volume. Have fun with your beard and moustache – try out different lengths, styles and even colours if you are feeling adventurous. As your facial hair grows longer, you can enjoy even more options for styling it to match your outfit, occasion or even just your mood.

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