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4 February 2021
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Best football player haircuts

Football players have long been role models, both on and off the pitch. They are followed by millions and their styles copied and discussed all around the world. Choosing which of these elite athletes to include in a list of best footballer haircuts is never an easy task, but here are ten of the best football haircuts for inspiration at home.


Theo Walcott

The great thing about a Theo Walcott haircut is that it gives men with curly hair everywhere hope that they can enjoy experimenting with different styles as much as their straight-haired counterparts. Walcott’s curly mohawk shows off how texture can make as much of an impression as colour and allows you to keep your sides and back short while letting your curls do the talking on top.


Mario Balotelli

Talking of mohawks, Mario Balotelli sports one of the most recognisable versions of this striking style in the whole game. For a footballer’s hairstyle that puts him at the centre of everyone’s attention, you can’t get much better than this style. Balotelli has the added advantage of having natural, Afro-textured hair that gives excellent volume and thickness, helping the hairstyle hold its shape for longer.


David Silva

David Silva has struggled with thinning hair in the past and tried to compensate by shaving his hair off. Since then, it has grown back thicker than ever – possibly the result of a hair transplant? – and he now sports a simple scissor cut that frames his face perfectly and complements his strong features. When analysing football player haircuts that suddenly seem thicker and lusher, always remember that hair transplant surgery may have played a part – and consider whether this type of treatment might also prove beneficial to your hair too. To provide a solution to your hair loss problems and to have thick and lush looking haircuts, you should consider Turkey hair transplant options.


Harry Kane

To achieve the ultimate Harry Kane hairstyle, you need to have some length in your hair, as he wears his swept back to combine practicality and style. Have your barber give you a short back and sides, keeping the length on top to sweep back to match Kane’s signature look. Tame with some hair wax or gel if necessary.


Cristiano Ronaldo

Who hasn’t secretly imagined life with a sporty, Cristiano Ronaldo haircut? His preference for the supremely masculine short crop and fade combination offers a compelling insight into his focus as a sportsman and desire to keep his hair tidy and easy to maintain. This look combined style and practicality and adds interest with the gradual undercut fade. Perfect for an undisputed winner in his field.


Zlatan Ibrahimović

Once upon a time, the man bun was the subject of derision and contempt. However, as more people in the spotlight take up its cause, the effects are being felt with more men adopting the controversial style. Zlatan Ibrahimović uses his man bun to keep his long hair off. His face when on the pitch and helps the Swedish star achieve a sophisticated, well-groomed look.


Marcus Rashford

When he is not campaigning to ensure fairer provision of free school meals for children across the UK, Rashford is blazing a trail in his international footballing career. Such a dynamic personality requires a stand-out hairstyle and Rashford’s no-nonsense, shorter cut and neatly groomed look will suit almost any face shape and age. As a young player still, Rashford has many years ahead of him to try out different styles and inspire his followers to move out of their comfort zones and try something new.


Lionel Messi

Argentina’s best known export, Lionel Messi is lauded for his skills on the pitch, yet his hair has the panache to make headlines of its own. Messi has changed his hair frequently over the years, going from beach blonde highlights to shaggy mop and several stages in between. During the 2020 season, however, he went for a side swept look teamed with a sharp beard to show off his jawline. An easy to care for style with versatility to style in different ways and adaptable, should you wish to experiment with different colours too.


David Beckham

This global household name is almost as famous for his looks as he is for his football. The David Beckham haircut collection has offered inspiration for years, thanks to his status as one of the most stylish football players with long hair that the beautiful game has ever seen. From dreadlocks to headbands, he has tried pretty much every longer hairstyle there is, no doubt helped by his fashionista wife, Victoria. Take a tip from David and never compromise on your hair length if you want to keep it long, but are worried about the practicalities of everyday life.


Paul Pogba

Last, but not least, this ebullient French player is not afraid to show off his personal style in how he wears his locks. His trademark dyed blonde ,short afro shows off his tight curls and helps him to stand out on the pitch. As an icon and a role model for young men everywhere, Pogba’s confidence with playing with different colours and styles really shines out and makes a difference.

Frequently Asked Questions
Cristiano Ronaldo, who has used many different hairstyles over the years, currently uses the Crew Cut Fade hairstyle. The tops are long in this hairstyle where the sides and back are short and grow towards the top. The hair on the crown is 3 inches long.
Yes. It is thought that he had hair transplantation with the FUE technique in 2018. Beckham, whose hair looks very sparse in a photo taken in 2018, has started to use a very frequent and long hairstyle since then.
French star Kylian Mbappe's hairstyle is called Buzz Cut.This hair style gives better results on thick hair. If you want to use this hairstyle, you should consult your barber as it is a hairstyle that does not suit every head and face type.

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